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October 16, 2023

Worried about Small Sized Penis? Try these Erotic Poses on the Bed

Are you worried about the small size of your penis? Wondering about how to satisfy your call girl in Chennai and have a memorable sexual session? If yes, then first of all stop taking the false ideas into mind that are perpetuated by the media.

You can still leverage the joy of your partner in bed by performing some exclusive erotic poses. If the size is around 4.5 or 5 inches, then this blog is for you…..

Do Women Care about the Dick Size?

In most cases, women just put up a question about the size to arouse sexual pleasure. Some men believe that a large penis is a necessity to prove their manliness.

Do you know that large-sized dick does not guarantee a satisfactory joy? It may hurt the Chennai call girls, finally resulting in lots of harassment.

The majority of women search for partners that are skilled lovers. It is the energy and knowledge a man has that makes a difference in orgasm.

The truth is that there are lots of benefits for men having small-sized penises that include:

  • They can be compatible lovers
  • They can enjoy the benefits of maximum sex toys and condoms
  • Can easily perform highly erotic poses
  • Can master oral sex, fingering, and other erotic skills

The maximized stimulation of the G-spot will let in making the most out of the Chennai escort services. Are you ready to own your situation below our belt? If yes, then try these exclusive sexual poses…….

What are Some Exclusive Erotic Positions to Try by Men with Small Dicks?

Done with the hiring of your dream call girl in Chennai? Please her in bed with these ergonomic sexual poses:

  • Split scissor missionary

Hoo!! The split scissor missionary is one of the hottest types of play. The woman will lie down on her back and face you. You will be leaning on your left arm, place her right leg over the body, and wrap her with your legs.

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Such a great pose will permit deep access, thus permitting easy kissing. It is best for massaging her breasts and stimulating her clitoris.

  • Propped-up reverse cowgirl

The propped-up reverse cowgirl is one more erotic position that creates a lucrative view of the asses of Chennai call girls. It leads to better actions related to penetration.

You can carry out this exclusive erotic pose by either lying down in bed or sitting on a chair. In both cases, the woman will be sitting on top of you facing towards your feet. Placing a few cushions under your butt will provide extra lift.

  • Doggy style

The doggy style is a spicy way to make the most out of the Bangalore escort services. Your partner will be on all her fours. You will be standing on your knees to mount her from the back.

You will enjoy deeper access to her vagina. Taking a knee position will reduce the depth of stroke, thus letting in playing more with angles and gaining thrusting power.

These are some exclusive positions that you can try with Chennai and Bangalore call girls available at Chennai VIP escort. Get ready to reflect your manliness!

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